Cutting Aluminum 1' 1/2 & Making Holes Taps

Today we create an aluminum piece with 5 taps using a SMXCNC Hidalgo 4'x8' router

Orbital Sanding & Wood Planing Router System

The SMX CNC / router orbital sanding & wood planing system allows you to plane and sand any flat wood surface. You can easily connect an orbital sander to the adaptor and your CNC is ready for sanding any pieces of wood. Controlled by the CNC the system is constant and helps reduce human error.

How to set and use a cameras with LightBurn Software

Learn how to config a laser camera using LightBurn and use it with your SMX LASER

How to install LightBurn camera on ThunderLaser or SMX LASER

This tutorial shows how to install and connect a LightBurn Camera on a ThunderLaser or SMX Laser system.

Router with Roller Hold Down for Cutting Felt

The problem with felt is that they cannot hold using a vacuum system. This is why SMX CNC have design tangential knife and two rollers hold down system for felt cutting. The system allows the cutting of complex shapes as well as acoustic sound panels.