SMX CNC Tagential Knife System

SMX CNC Tagential Knife System

The cutting blade that follows the plot lines of a shape by incrementally rotating the blade to match the path. This method provides for straight cut corners at any angle as well as true radius when called for. A range of optional interchangeable blade holders are available for the Tangential Knife.

Optimized for WinPCSIGN CNC

Designed specifically to control the 4th axis of the SMX Tangential Knife. Easy to use, this software allow you to create your design, add your toolpath and generate the G-CODE.

Cut a wide range of soft materials

Cut a wide range of soft materials

Cardboard - Graphic Foam boards - Foam & Foamcore - Fabric - Corrugated Plastic - Acrylic - Gasket Materials - Rubber - Cork - Carpet - Leather - Vinyl - And more.

The highest rated tangential knife. Ever.

Smx CNC Tagential knife system - Front view
Smx CNC Tagential knife system - Top view
Smx CNC Tagential knife system - Back view

Our Tangential Knife solutions can be easily integrated into a wide variety of industries, including Clothing fabrication, graphic imaging (for print finishing), sign making, upholstery, furniture fabrication, leather fabrication, POP displays and much more...

With the most affordable cutting blades.



Cutting depth: 6.9 mm
Cutting thickness: 1.5 mm



Cutting depth: 14 mm
Cutting thickness: 1.5 mm

Projects ideas

X - Cut in foamcore
Carpet decoration - Cut in foamcore
Gear - Cut in foamcore

Printed badge - Cut in coroplast
Printed badge - Cut in EVA
Printed badge - Cut in foamcore


SMX Tangential knife is designed to be compatible with Canadians & Americans electric standards (UL, CSA & CE).

Supply voltage of control electronics 12V-DC
Supply voltage drive motor 12-20V DC
Depending on stroke (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5mm ) stroke can be adapted to different requirements by replacing a single component
Outside dimensions Approx. 58 x 150 x 220mm
Connection Easy mechanical connection due to 43mm-clamp collar
Electric connection The electric connection is realized by a single connector at the top of the housing so that the module can be adapted quickly and easily to different machine systems.
Stepper motors Our Knife system is equipped with high quality stepper motors
Cutting thickness 1.5 mm
Cutting Depth Blade SMX11: 6.9 mm - Blade SMX14: 14 mm
Warranty 1 Year

1 Year Warranty

Our warranty covers parts and all determined necessary labor to keep your machine functioning as it should.


We provide support via phone, email, or internet connectivity. In most cases, we are able to diagnose problems remotely so you can get your machine running again.

Made in Canada
Made in Canada

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