EcoCAM - Oscillating Tagential knife

EcoCAM - Oscillating Tagential knife

CNC Knife cutting systems from German Enterprise Ecocam is an innovative solution that SMXCNC has adapted & improved to satisfy demands from the industry. Built for our 4'' x 8'' CNC Router, this oscillating knife system is built to meet specific application based on our customers needs.

The EcoCAM Oscillating knife is designed to provide high accuracy cutting of a wide range of semi rigid materials. Blade oscillation and tangential control ensures that the cutting blade delivers accurate cuts even on thicker materials without excessive over cut.

Process a wide range of soft materials

Process a wide range of materials

Cardboard • Graphic Foam boards • Foam & Foamcore • Fabric • Corrugated Plastic • Acrylic • Gasket Materials • Rubber • Cork • Carpet • Leather • Vinyl

Our EcoCAM Knife solutions can be easily integrated into a wide variety of industries, including POP displays, graphic imaging (for print finishing), sign making, upholstery, furniture fabrication, marine fabrication and more.


Sign and Graphics • Digital Printing • Packaging • Automotive • Recreational boat • Exhibits and Fixtures • Sign Making • Gasket Materials • Arts and Crafts •And more…

Oscillating Tagential knife


Created by SMX CNC top engineers, this software is designed specifically to control the 4th axis of the EcoCAM - Oscillating Tagential knife.

Save precious production time! Design, add toolpath and generate G-Code with only one software. We have also included all the cutting speed configuration of the different materials that you can cut with the EcoCAM knife.

The right blades to fill your needs

Based on your business needs our qualified engineers will recommend you the best blade for optimizing your production.

Rotary • Creasing • Drag • Kiss Cut •Spear • Acrylic • And many more...

Oscillating Tagential knife

Oscillating Tagential knife

Properties overview

  1. High quality sintered carbide metal blades for different cutting applications
  2. Compound oscillating axis

        - high-quality special bearing
        - outside special steel for maximum durability
        - inside aluminium for low oscillation weight
        - stroke: 1mm to 7mm (set by insert)
  3. 43mm euro clamp collar
  4. Solid CNC-machined aluminium body
  5. Actuated by high-quality stepper motor; servo motors are available optional
  6. Integrated 25-pin D-SUB connector
  7. Solid aluminium electronic housing
  8. High quality drive motor with several bearings
  9. Alternative Mounting with integrated tap holes

CNC-made, robust full metal housing
Durable precision kinematic
Drive motor equipped with ball bearings
Opto-electronic, contactless detection of the blade´s reference position
Attachable to systems from various machine manufacturers due to 43mm-clamp collar

Supply voltage of control electronics 12V-DC
Supply voltage drive motor 12-20V DC
Oscillation About 3500 - 7000 strokes / minute
Depending on stroke (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5mm ) stroke can be adapted to different requirements by replacing a single component
Outside dimensions Approx. 58 x 150 x 220mm
Connection Easy mechanical connection due to 43mm-clamp collar
Electric connection The electric connection is realized by a single connector at the top of the housing so that the module can be adapted quickly and easily to different machine systems.
Stepper motors Our EOT-2 is equipped with high quality stepper motors from well known manufacturers.

1 Year Warranty

1 Year warranty

SMX CNC offers a 1 year warranty - repair or replace parts and equipment found to be defective in materials or workmanship. We also cover WinPCSIGN CNC broken dongle or lost installation disk during the warranty period. View the full details about SMX CNC warranty policy.