Blazer - CNC Router (5' x 10')

Blazer - CNC Router (5' x 10')

A complete CNC processing solution with automatic loading and unloading system for the control of the complete work cycle from a single operator. The optimal solution to enables high efficient production with nesting tecnology and suitable to process large quantities of panels with the newest nesting technology.

Starting at $100,000

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CNC - 4' x 10' ATC system
Loading Table

Suction cup


Motor Drive type Servo motor (Japanese) yaskawa 850w
Gear Box (Japanese) Rack and pignon
Frame Welded structural steel frame construction, stressed relieved prior to precision machining
Vacuum zones Multiple vacuum zones
X-axis Dual-drive, two servo motors, gearbox, rack & pinion with 30MM guide rails
Y-axis Servo motor, gearbox, rack & pinion with 25MM guide rails
Z-axis Servo motor, ballscrew with 25MM guide rails
Footprint Custom footprint made in our factory
Drive type Stepper motor
X, Y, Z cutting zone (mm) 1300 x 2500 x 200mm (42’’ x 82’’ x 7.75’’)
Maximum speed 25 000 mm/min (985’’/min)
Spindle HSD (Italian) 12 HP - 12KW spindle with HSK taper
Spindle Power Power 220v 3 phases
Spindle Maximum Cutting Speed 25000 mm/s
Spindle Maximum Deplacement Speed 60000 mm/s
Tool changer Carousel with 8 tool slots, the fastest tool changing system available
Control System SYNTEC industrial cnc controller with MPG, configured with user-friendly Front-End PC - complete with monitor-accessories
Calibration Automatic tool length calibration
References pins Include 3 (three) tabletop reference pins
Lubrication Centralized lubrication system
Weight 6615 lbs (3000 kg)
Pop-Up pins 48" 60"
Command language G Code
Collision sensor Fiber optique sensor for detecting collision with roller
Depth control Safety depth control (to prevent vaccum table breakage)
Number of pressure rolls 4 roll cylinder inidependant control working with different materiel size *Min size (24 inches length)
Loading system Automatic - Up to 2 sheets at the same time
Scissor lift Automatic with stop control
Software Accepts any CAD/CAM or Design software program that generates standard G-codes, Comes with WinPCSIGN CNC
Warranty 1 year


With every purchase of CNC we included 5 hours of free training to show you how to use the router & the software.

Software WinPCSIGN CNC

WinPCSIGN CNC include all the tools you need to design & create your projects. No need to be a machinist WinPCSIGN CNC is easy to learn and easy to use.

Ready to be certified

All our CNC systems are designed & made with Canadian & American industrial standard in mind and are ready for CSA & UL certification.

1 Year Warranty

Our warranty covers parts and all determined necessary labor to keep your machine functioning as it should.


We provide support via phone, email, or internet connectivity. In most cases, we are able to diagnose problems remotely so you can get your machine running again.

Design in Canada
Design in Canada

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