Auto-loading Table

Auto-loading Table

Versatile, the SMX heavy duty lifts is ergonomically safer and help prevent injury from heavy lifting. Reinforced solid steel legs prevent sway while velocity fuses control descent if hydraulic pressure is lost.

The SMX heavy duty scissor lift feature oversize decks that better support standard material pack sizes.

Designed to be easely integrated with our automatic material handling systems it is a great add on to our 4x8 or 5x10 CNC cutting system, or can be used for stand alone applications.


Lift capacity 1000 kg
Deck size 1600mm x 1200mm
Lowered Height 1000mm
Voltage 10amp 3 phase 415V/50HZ
Pump motor 1.1kx
Supplied cable length 6m (with 10amp 3 phase plug)
Controller 24v Push button Up/Down
Shipping weight (approx) 320kg