High Resolution Head for Laser

High Resolution Head for Laser

We named Hight-Resolution head as HR head for short, it’s made by special structure for focusing the laser bean into a much smaller dot, thus we can get more tiny laser dots in a unit area, and the engraving result will be more elaborate…

How it's work

High resolution laser head is called HR head for short. Its special structure makes the laser beam be focused into a smaller focal spot than the standard laser head, which makes the engraving result more delicate and exquisite. So the HR head is more suitable for engraving high precision photos and also a good performance on 3D engraving. Besides, because of the very small laser dot with high energy density, the HR head can be even used to engrave some metals directly!

Laser dots comparison Standard Head vs HR head

The laser dots comparison of standard laser head and HR head

Laser dot result Standard Head vs HR head