HIDALGO - CNC Router (4' x 8')

HIDALGO - CNC Router (4' x 8')

Everything you expect from a machines that cost $80,000 or more. The HIDALGO Series offers amazing upgrades in technology, durability, and force. Built to outperform every comparably priced machine on the market.

Starting at $25,000

Financing available

Uses & Applications

• Signmaking
• Woodworking
• Cabinet/door/closet manufacturing
• Acrylic Fabrication
• Arts and Crafts
• Boat carpet Fabrication
• Prototype manufacturing
• Nested-based manufacturing
• Engineering
• R&D/Job shops
• Musical instrument manufacturing
• Medium duty to high production
• Solid Surface work
• Non-Ferrous material processing
• Architectural Millwork
• And more…

Cut a wide range of materials

• Acrylic
• Copper
• Brass
• Aluminum
• Foam
• Melamine
• Plywood
• Solid Wood
• And more…

Projects ideas

Projet - Wood flower medaillion
Projet - SMX Letters in aluminium
Projet - Deer wood puzzle
PVC puzzle piece
X letter cut with tagential knife in EVA
Wood & PVC restaurant sign
Print & cut badge cut in coroplast
Wood & metal sign


X, Y, Z Guide Linear guide, double on Z
Drive type Stepper motor
X, Y, Z cutting zone (mm) 1550 x 3050 x 200 mm (61’’ x 120’’ x 7.75’’)
Maximum speed 25 000 mm/min (985’’/min)
Spindle 4500W air cooling (6.0 HP)
Interface DSP handle (read USB memory directly )
Repeatability 0.025 mm (0.002 millième)
Spindle tools Φ 3.175(1/8’’), Φ 6 (1/4’’), Φ 12.7 (1/2’’)
Power AC220V ± 10% / 60Hz 1 phases (or 3 phases)
Weight 4400 lbs (2000kg)
Software WinPCSIGN CNC
Warranty 1 year


Wood cutting system
Aluminium cutting system
Sign making system


ATC - Auto change tool system
Multi-Heads - Automatic or fixed
Rotary system
Vacuum system
Industrial controller
Tagential knife solution
Custom project
Custom programing


With every purchase of CNC we included 5 hours of free training to show you how to use the router & the software.

Software WinPCSIGN CNC

WinPCSIGN CNC include all the tools you need to design & create your projects. No need to be a machinist WinPCSIGN CNC is easy to learn and easy to use.

Ready to be certified

All our CNC systems are designed & made with Canadian & American industrial standard in mind and are ready for CSA & UL certification.

1 Year Warranty

Our warranty covers parts and all determined necessary labor to keep your machine functioning as it should.


We provide support via phone, email, or internet connectivity. In most cases, we are able to diagnose problems remotely so you can get your machine running again.

Design in Canada
Design in Canada

We believe in and stand by our machines because, unlike the competition, we really design and engineer them!