Wildfire Laser - 16 x 24

16" x 24"

Wildfire Laser

A great choice with an excellent engraving quality and a low price the WILDFIRE desktop laser / engraver is the best entry level solution for home use and small business.

Starting at $13,000

Sonic Laser - 24 x 36

24" x 36"

Sonic Laser

Every features of the SONIC have been designed with small shop owner in mind and how they can get more cut done and engrave in less time.

Starting at $14,000

Comet Laser - 36 x 52

36" x 52"

Comet Laser

Quality, speed, reliability, performance and ease of use define our COMET Laser / Engraver, which translates into less down time and more profits for your enterprise.

Starting at $16,000

Tornado Laser - 64 x 40

64" x 40"

Tornado Laser

With a unique combination of high-speed laser engraving and marking and a large work area the TORNADO will allow you to bring your enterprise to the next level.

Starting at $19,000