Marengo CNC router system - 5x10

5' x 10'

Marengo Router

Designed with industrial need in mind the MARENGO CNC router system gives you a true machine grade tool with everything you could want in a CNC router. No matter how much you use your CNC router, you’ll get the precision you need at every cut.

Starting at $25,000

Multi-Tool Routers

SmxCNC routing sytem is the most versatile routers plateform ever created. Every, machine can be configured to meet your production according to your business needs.

  • Fixed Routing splindle
  • Pneumatic Routing splindle
  • Mutli splindle system
  • Drag knife system
  • Tagential knife system
  • Custom programing

Starting at $28,000

Router system customization

Hidalgo CNC router system - 4x8

4' x 8'

Hidalgo Router

Everything you expect from a machines that cost $80,000 or more. The HIDALGO Series offers amazing upgrades in technology, durability, and force. Built to outperform every comparably priced machine on the market.

Starting at $15,000

4' x 4'

Konick Router

Professional and perfectly sized the Konick router system offer industrial grade performance and features at an affordable price for every workshop business.

Starting at $12,000

Konick CNC router system - 4x4

Juno CNC router system - 2x3

2' x 3'

Juno Router

Designed to be easy to learn & operate the Juno router is our most affordable entry-level CNC. The perfect match for home maker and small workshop.

Starting at $8,000